Many people come for the penguins of which 5 different species can sometimes be seen in a day –Magellenic, Rock Hopper, Gentoo, Macaroni, and King. But that’s not all that Pebble has to offer.

Sealions can be seen near Tamar point, and the pond area in the east attracts many waterfowl and wading birds. Pebble is an Important Bird Area (IBA) - more information is available on BirdLife International’s website.

Whales can often be seen out at sea and the Commerson’s Dolphins swim playfully in the waves at Green Rincon where the nesting site of the Southern Giant Petrel can be found. Turkey Vultures,

Hawks and the Striated Caracara are also a common sight and if you’re lucky you could see a Peregrin Falcon. 

Many of The Falkland’s endemic plants can be found on Pebble, including Lady’s Slipper.