Pebble Island

Pebble island takes its name from the glass-like pebbles (really an agate) that can be found at the western tip. It is a 45 minute journey on the Islander plane (an adventure in itself) from Stanley, or 30 minutes from Mount Pleasant Airport. The island is 30 kilometers long and 7 across at its widest point, and has the stunning 5 kilometer white sandy Elephant beach, craggy cliffs at the foot of which sea lions can be seen, and 3 "mountains" ranging from 214 to 277 metres high.

Pebble Island settlement can be found at the narrowest part of the island in an area which naturally separates the West, more mountainous and rugged, from the East, comprised of lakes and wetlands (ideal for bird watchers). The settlement is made up of the farm manager's house, the Lodge, various farmhouses and working farm buildings, many of which are of historical interest.

The island is privately owned by Dean Brothers Ltd, and has been since 1869 when John Markham Dean bought Pebble and a few neighbouring islands, having established Pebble Island farm.

Pebble Island is also known for the first land-based raid that took place during the Falkland Island war when an SAS raid disabled 11 Argentinian aircraft on the grass runway.